• COVID-19 pandemic

    - WHO and MSSS recommand to continue breastfeeding even if the mother is infected. 

    - If you need information about symptoms of coronavirus disease, call 1-877-644-4545.

    - If you need support or have questions about breastfeeding, ask your Nourri-Source breastfeeding support volunteer.

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The Nourri-Source Network
is a movement to help breastfeeding in Québec.

Nearly 700 Nourri-Source breastfeeding support volunteers - spread across 8 regions of Québec - welcome, inform and support mothers who have chosen to breastfeed their child, while respecting their choices and their pace.

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    Have a good National Volunteer Week!

    April 20, 2020

    Thanks to all our volunteers for your involvement, your time, your energy and your mutual aid, even more during this pandemic pediod.

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    Virtual breastfeeding clinics

    April 09, 2020

    Would you like to talk with other mothers who breastfeed? You have a question for a breastfeeding support volunteer? Virtual breastfeeding clinics are held in 7 reagions of Québec. Here is the scheddule:

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