Our values

Our philosophy

Our shared philosophy 

Shared philosophy of the Nourri-Source network

Shared philosophy adopted on August 30, 2018 by the Federation's board of directors and on September 19, 2018 by the members present at the annual general meeting.

The members of Nourri-Source network have adopted common values and principles on which our actions are based. Each member of the network - volunteers, members of the board of directors and employees - undertakes to act accourding to this shared philosophy.


Welcome and support women and their families while respecting their choices and their pace;

Act with rigor and professionalism in each of our actions and each of our commitments, whether with the mothers, between the regions or on a board of directors.


Show openness, flexibility and empathy in any intervention, to promote informed and non-judgmental decision-making; 

Adopt an inclusive approach that respects the diversity of families models, cultural beliefs and women's choices.

Mutual aid 

Commit to promoting the creation of bonds of solidarity and belonging to community; 

Promote mutual aid, sharing and a spirit of collaboration between all members of the network.


Strengthen the power of women to take action concerning their breastfeeding in order to make it a fulfilling experience;

Commit to maintain a friendly atmosphere and positive relationships through the network, for the personnal development of all volunteers and employees.