Le Petit Nourri-Source

Published by the Nourri-Source Federation, Le Petit Nourri-Source is a complete and practical guide on breastfeeding. It provides all the information you need to better understand breastfeeding and the different problems that can occur.

The electronic version is available for free here (in French only): version électronique !

Warning on Gentian Violet
➡ Health Canada is advising Canadians to stop using all human and veterinary drug products containg gentian violet since the exposure to these products may increase the risk of cancer.
➡ Gentian violet is an antiseptic dye used to treat fungal infections, including thrush dring breastfeeding.
➡ The manufacturer of Gentian Violet has voluntarily stopped marketing this product in Canada. It is therefore no longer offered on the market.

For more information, visit the Health Canada website.