Find a breastfeeding support volunteer

Do you wish to benefit from a personalized and continuous support, whether during your pregnancy, during breastfeeding or at weaning?

Do you have a question, doubt or problem related to breastfeeding?

Do you need encouragement, to be listened and do you need support to continue breastfeeding? 

Ask to be paired with a breastfeeding support volunteer!

Nearly 700 Nourri-Source breastfeeding support volunteers, spread across 8 regions of Québec, are committed to supporting you and helping you achieve your breastfeeding goals and make it a positive experience!

What is a Nourri-Source breastfeeding support mom? 

  • They are first and foremost mothers who, having experiences breastfeeding, have chosen to volunteer to support other mothers in this experience
  • They offer personalized and continuous support from pregnancy to weaning, always respecting the choices and pace of each woman
  • They have completed a basic breastfeeding training and maintain their knowledge through continuous training

Find a breastfeeding support volunteer