About the network

Nourri-Source breastfeeding support volunteers

Breastfeeding support volunteers are at the heart of the Nourri-Source network.

They are first and foremost mothers who, having experienced breastfeeding, have chosen to volunteer to suport other mothers in this experience. They offer personalized and continuous support from pregnancy to weaning, always respecting the choices and pace of each woman. All the breastfeeding support volunteers have completed a basic breastfeeding training and maintain their knowledge through continuous training.

Main services

Support for breastfeeding by breastfeeding support volunteers 

Telephone or email support

Paired with pre and postnatal parent (often refered to as "filleule"), the breastfeeding support volunteers offer personalized support adapted to the specific needs of each mother, by phone, email or text. Always respecting each woman's choices and pace, the breastfeeding support volunteers offer continuous support from pregnancy to weaning.

In-person support

The breastfeeding support volunteers offer support, in person, at the breastfeeding drop-in centers and at the workshops organized in CLSCs and partner community organizations. These meetings allow mothers to break the isolation of the postnatal period, to engage with other mothers who are experiencing similar problems and to learn about various subjects related to the perinatal period.

Support via the Nourri-Source Facebook Forum

The Facebook Forum is a place of exchange, sharing and support in terms of breastfeeding. Administred by breastfeeding support volunteers, the Forum allows mothers to get quick answers to specific questions related to breastfeeding.

Facebook Forum

The Route du lait 

The Route du lait aims to normalize breastfeeding in public spaces, by creating supportive environments in commercial, public and community establishments. Easily recognizable by stickers affixed to their windows, member establishments of the Route du lait allow mothers to enter to breastfeed their child, without any obligation to purchase. 







Other services

Depending on the region, several other services are offered: rental and sale of breast pumps, hospital visits, support for fathers, etc.