About the Nourri-Source Federation

Our vision

Become THE reference in breastfeeding in Québec.

Our mission

The mission of the Nourri-Source Federation is to bring together, support and defend the interests of its members, while contributing to the promotion and normalization of breastfeeding.

Through its mission, the Federation intends to play a unifying role within the Nourri-Source network, making it possible to create links between each member of the network and to mobilize them around common objectives. Our mission in accomplished by:

  • Visibility and representation activities
  • The development of common policies and guidelines for the network
  • Sharing of information, ressources and good practices across the network
  • Creation and dissemination of reliable and adapted content and tools
  • Editing and distribution of the guide, Le Petit Nourri-Source
  • Promoting the beneficial effects of breastfeeding on the health of mothers and children