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Space is limited to 15 families from the Montérégie and Montreal regions.
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This free class has been designed to empower parents with knowledge and basic skills in order to boost their confidence in the first few days and weeks of breastfeeding. Participants' main concerns related to breastfeeding will also be addressed.

The first session (90 minutes) will cover what to expect in the 4th trimester, as well as normal newborn behaviour. We will also demystify how milk is made and how to maximize your potential!.

The second session (90 minutes) is an interactive workshop that will cover the basic principals of positioning and latching so parents will feel confident to do so comfortably from the start! We discuss how to know baby is eating enough, as well as what to do if you need help. Videos and online visuals will be used - A balloon and doll / teddy bear / stuffed animal is recommended for this segment.

Next English workshops, always from 7pm-9pm (French workshops also available, see the French version of the website):

  • August 23
  • October 12
  • December 5
  • February 7